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Boost Your Business Success for Local Media Guru

Thursday 21st September 2017

Julie Warters of Time for Media receiving her Level 2 Boost your Business Certificates from Colin Jones Business Start Up Manager South Durham Enterprise Agency.

Julie Warters has recently completed a Level 2 Award in Business Growth offered across the region by South Durham Enterprise Agency. This opportunity is fully funded. Read what Julie though of the weekend.

“Well I have to say that the whole weekend was excellent!

38 candidates and 2 tutors / assessors, but the businesses on the course were there to learn, but also network and enjoy themselves.

The course was broken down nicely into lots of different modules but flowed allowing different activities including group chats, “table” work, whereby you worked with the people directly on your table.

Plenty of break and break out times, which meant that although the work was “full on” you never felt like you had “had enough” or wanted to get up and walk about. There was always something different coming up on the next part of the work that you were undertaking, including some very good hints and tips on Digital Marketing and Social Media.

The course was a MASSIVE benefit to me, even though I have a project management background and like to think I have lots of business acumen already. The action plan, financial forecasts and other aspects of the course allowed me to take time to focus ON my business rather than being bogged down with the day to day of being in my business.

Having it as a residential course totally reinforced this, with optional modules in the evening that you could attend and also time for homework before bed! The networking and support side from the people that I met on the course, was exceptional. We now have a Facebook Group that is very active with people supporting each other and also discussions around how businesses can utilise each other’s skills.

I would say for anyone that has the opportunity to attend the Boost your Business course, it’s an absolute must, for anyone regardless of where you are in your business! It is full of like-minded individuals who want to better themselves and their business, and from literally the first moment of arriving people were making friends, connections and most importantly having fun!

The opportunity to have all of this fully funded is AMAZING and should be grasped with both hands. Literally a few hours to fill out the pre- requirements of the course is nothing in comparison in what you come away with after the weekend.

I have come away from the weekend shattered, in a good way, but also completely re-vitalised in moving my business forward.

Thank you for the opportunity of having been able to go on this course! “

To register or enquire about attending this fully funded accredited training opportunity , please contact Colin Jones 01388 776688, 07876 520 101 or email