Existing Business


The Durham Business Growth Programme offers a selection of grants to eligible businesses covering both capital and revenue expenditure or a combination of both.  Sections 1 and 2 of this guidance apply to all grants offered by the Programme, while Section 3 and Section 4 set out the additional criteria and process for Revenue grants and Capital (including Hybrid) grants respectively.

Please read Section 2 if you wish to apply for any type of grant offered by the Programme and then read the relevant section for the type of grant you wish to apply for.

Businesses may apply for both a Revenue grant and a Capital (including Hybrid) grant but may not apply for more than one grant of each type.

Please note that submitting a grant application does not automatically entitle your business to receive a grant.  Grant applications will be assessed to see how well they fit the priorities of the Programme and whether they offer sufficient impact and value for money.  All grants offered by the Programme are expected to generate measurable outcomes including job creation and safeguarding, productivity improvement and decarbonisation.

Revenue grants may go towards specialist, third-party consultancy and expertise that helps businesses to improve their productivity, reduce their carbon footprint or accelerate their growth.  Revenue grants may also go towards software and small items of equipment linked to improving productivity, reducing carbon emissions or growth.  Revenue grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available at a fixed intervention rate of 40%.  Please see Section 3 for further information.

Capital grants may go towards plant, machinery, equipment, premises and fit-out works that enable business growth, productivity improvements and/or decarbonisation.  Capital grants of between £10,000 and £200,000 are available at variable intervention rates of up to 40%, dependent upon the amount requested, the need for grant support and the level of impact in terms of job outcomes, productivity improvements and decarbonisation benefits.  Please see Section 4 for further information.

Hybrid grants offer a simplified route for combined capital and revenue-based projects with a total grant request of less than £50,000.  Hybrid grants are available at a fixed intervention rate of 40%.  


Durham Business Growth grants are managed by UMi.

Developing your existing business

Whatever your business, if you have plans to grow then we can help you create and achieve those plans. 

We offer hands-on business support, information and advice in Sedgefield, Wear Valley and Teesdale. 

We have a wealth of business expertise in-house and our Business Advisors can work with you to look at every aspect of your business, analyse your changing needs, help identify training needs, assess strategic options, develop projects, explore ideas or simply be a sounding board for ideas and issues. 

Our Specialist Team can work with you in detail on specific needs relating to Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Accounts, IT and the Internet. 

To make an appointment contact the existing business development team on 01388 776688