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Pandemic Business Recovery Grant Supports Moss and Ivy

Sunday 21st August 2022

This week we have another success story to share. The team had a conversation with another business which was supported by South Durham Enterprise Agency through the ‘Business Pandemic Recovery Grant’ at SDEA HQ. Another business supported as part of the PBRG scheme. Read on to find out more... 

Wayne and Joanne, who owns “Moss & Ivy Home Accessories” contacted South Durham Enterprise Agency to help grow their business, through supporting their business ideas. 

Previously, Moss & Ivy were trading off market stalls and online, however they felt the time was right to set a base for their trading. A shop within their local area, Bishop Auckland. They found an ideal location, near the market place in a three-story building. This then provided Wayne and Joanne with the space they needed to grow their business and create new opportunities by expanding the business to offer the addition of a coffee and lounge bar. 

Wayne and Joanne are currently creating ‘The Vines’ which will be on the first and second floor of their building, with the home accessories store on the ground floor.  

‘The Vines Coffee & Lounge Bar’ serves an array of drinks from coffees and teas to alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. All coffee has been sourced locally, and each different type of coffee has its own individual mug size which in Wayne’s words “is how coffee is supposed to be drank”. 

The lounge will also serve a range of cocktails and a wine list with over 15 different wines, including vegan and organic wines. 

‘The Vines’ is bringing a new style of drinking to the town: sit down, be served and relax. 

Both Wayne and Joanne along with the grant advisors at South Durham Enterprise Agency discussed their options and support was given to get them through the grant programme. 

The Pandemic Business Recovery Grant supported Wayne and Joanne by allowing them to purchase a new coffee machine and grinder for “the vines”. 

The lounge will be opening on the 25th of August 2022, for their first day of trading. Wayne and Joanne are both very excited to open the doors and offer a new and exciting place to visit in Bishop Auckland. 

When asked about the next six months for ‘Moss & Ivy’, Wayne said “Sunny. I hope it’s busy, we have the capacity for 44 people and it would be great to see the place filled. We want to become established in the area and known for a relaxing venue unique in itself.” 

The grant advisors who worked with Wayne wish him all the luck for the future.